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How to Help Kids Write an Email to a Missionary.

When I was a kid, missionaries were my heroes. I loved it when they visited our church or when we’d get their newsletters in the mail. As soon as I was old enough for my own email address, I kept in touch with several missionary families. Now that I’m a missionary myself I see how…
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Pizza Party for Jesus!

Have you ever wondered what role pizza played in launching me into ministry? (You’ve probably never wondered it before, but I’ll bet you’re wondering it now!) God used pizza in some pretty cool ways to teach me the importance of showing the love of Jesus to all kinds of people. Here’s an older picture of…
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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas with Purpose

The real story of Saint Patrick is far more than good luck and leprechauns! Extraordinary legends surround the life of this remarkable missionary who preached the Gospel in Ireland during the fourth century. Captured by pirates as a teen and sold as a slave in Ireland, Patrick found comfort and courage in God’s love and…
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