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Helping children learn about Jesus

He Is Worthy! Thanksgiving Devo for Kids

What comes to your mind when you think about Thanksgiving? I’m guessing you probably don’t think about the world’s deepest trench or largest desert. But these are exactly the types of things mentioned in Psalm 95 as the psalmist exhorts his readers to praise God with thanksgiving. I want to show you a simple lesson/devotional…
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What do you do to help kids understand that Thanksgiving is much more than turkey or pumpkin pie? How do you help kids develop habits of thanksgiving that extend beyond the holiday season? How can you use flashlights, scavenger hunts, hide & seek, songs, and the alphabet to teach kids about thanking God? It doesn’t…
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5 Pumpkin Praise Games for Kids

It’s pumpkin season! For the record, pumpkin spice anything is gross in my humble opinion, but I’m still pretty fond of pumpkins because it’s so easy to use them to have fun praising God with kids. You’re probably already familiar with the concept of pumpkin carving or painting, but have you ever tried pumpkin praising?…
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A “Thank You!” Game for Kids

My Party girl is belting out “CHICKA-DEE-DEE-DEE!” along with the birds and frogs as they herald the arrival of spring! My allergies join the chorus with reckless abandon as I relax in a lawn chair pushing my darling daughter on the swing. For my kids, spring time might as well be “swing time.” All of…
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