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5 Pumpkin Praise Games for Kids

It’s pumpkin season! For the record, pumpkin spice anything is gross in my humble opinion, but I’m still pretty fond of pumpkins because it’s so easy to use them to have fun praising God with kids. You’re probably already familiar with the concept of pumpkin carving or painting, but have you ever tried pumpkin praising?…
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A “Thank You!” Game for Kids

My Party girl is belting out “CHICKA-DEE-DEE-DEE!” along with the birds and frogs as they herald the arrival of spring! My allergies join the chorus with reckless abandon as I relax in a lawn chair pushing my darling daughter on the swing. For my kids, spring time might as well be “swing time.” All of…
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Pizza with a Purpose

Pizza and oatmeal are currently tied for 1st as the all time favorite meals in our house. I’m personally not too keen on oatmeal, but I REALLY like pizza! I like to make it. I like to eat it. And I like to use it to have purposeful fun with kids. The next time you’re…
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