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Helping children learn about Jesus

He Is Worthy! Thanksgiving Devo for Kids

What comes to your mind when you think about Thanksgiving? I’m guessing you probably don’t think about the world’s deepest trench or largest desert. But these are exactly the types of things mentioned in Psalm 95 as the psalmist exhorts his readers to praise God with thanksgiving. I want to show you a simple lesson/devotional…
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Animal Superpowers! Object Lesson

Did you know Cuttlefish can change the color and shape of their skin and even their eyes to camouflage themselves!? In the blink of an eye, these marine masters of disguise seem to totally disappear! God created countless creatures with amazing abilities that sometimes remind us of comic book superpowers. But as awe-inspiring as these…
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10 Easy Bible Verse Memory Games

“Fathers, do not POKE your children!” That’s what my 4 year old said when I asked what her new memory verse was. My wife has recently been teaching Ephesians 6:1-4 to our little ones bit by bit and apparently when they started verse 4, my Party Girl thought “provoke” sounded a lot like “poke.” This…
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5 Ways to Help Kids in Anxious Times

Last week my oldest son and a couple friends were talking about ceiling fans—specifically ceiling fans falling out of the ceiling and hitting them on the head. I did my best to assure them that falling ceiling fans isn’t something they need to think or worry about. We talked about studs and sturdy construction and…
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How to Help Kids Write an Email to a Missionary.

When I was a kid, missionaries were my heroes. I loved it when they visited our church or when we’d get their newsletters in the mail. As soon as I was old enough for my own email address, I kept in touch with several missionary families. Now that I’m a missionary myself I see how…
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