Easter Eggs Bible Lesson

Easter Eggs Bible Lesson

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You can use butterfly eggs, snake eggs, turtle eggs, and even dinosaur eggs to share the history behind Easter Eggs and present the true story of Christ’s death and resurrection! In this Easter egg themed object lesson children will learn fascinating facts about different kinds of eggs and guess which animal came from each egg as you use eggs to present the Gospel message.  Printable pictures, script, and instructions included!

Digital download also includes two sizes of printable visuals and PowerPoint slides for presenting this unique lesson to larger groups of children. if preferred, you may also share the video presentation of this lesson with children in your home or church.

4 reviews for Easter Eggs Bible Lesson

  1. Ashley

    Most kids love Easter egg hunts and this is a great way to make a natural connection between eggs (something most kids see around Easter time) and the wonderful, amazing message of Easter. Best of all? It’s a free lesson!

  2. Christy Lange

    “Eggceptional” lesson to keep kids engaged with egg/animal guessing game! I can’t wait to present this lesson on our facebook page! We are quarantined during the virus and I think the kids will have a great time watching the video and guessing the answers.

    • Nathan Hamilton

      Haha! Thanks for your EGGStra nice review!

  3. Debbie Prinsloo

    Excellent, thank you!

  4. Gesille

    Thank you so much for sharing this. This is cool. I believe kids will enjoy this kind of lesson. So interesting. God Bless you!

    • Nathan Hamilton

      You are welcome! Thank YOU!

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